Monday, March 19, 2012

Early Literacy Tip

Did you know that writing letters and words can help your child become a better reader? Reading and writing go together.  Both are ways to represent spoken words and communicate information. Children develop a better knowledge of the purpose of meaning of reading through the act of writing. One fun way to encourage children to practice reading and writing skills is to play post office.  Most young children love to give and receive mail. You can make a simple mailbox with an empty tissue box or a shoebox, or try making the paper bag mailbox below. If your child cannot write on their own yet, have them dictate a message to you and write it down for them.

Small paper bags
Marking pens
Strong tape

Cut the sides and front of the bag down about three inches from the top, but leave the back side of the bag at full height. Write the child's name on the front of the bag and decorate the bag with markers, stickers, or crayons. Use strong tape to hang the mailbox to the child's bedroom door, or make a loop with yarn and hang the mailbox over the doorknob.  Make a mailbox for everyone in your family so that you can exchange messages with each other.


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