Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NEW Magic Tree House Book!

It's here! The latest Magic Tree House book, Leprechaun in Late Winter, by Mary Pope Osborne, has arrived (click on the title to see it in our catalog/reserve it)! In their latest adventure, Jack and Annie travel back to nineteenth-century Ireland to inspire a young Augusta Gregory to share her love of Irish legends and folktales with the world.

Not familiar with the series?  Check it out! Jack and his little sister Annie are just two regular kids from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. That is, until they discover a mysterious tree house packed with all sorts of books.

As Jack and Annie soon find out, this is a magical tree house and the books have the power to transport them to any place in history or the future. From ancient Egypt to outer space, all the kids have to do to go someplace exciting is turn a page and make a wish. What started out as an ordinary old summer is turning out to be the adventure of Jack and Annie's lives! (Recommended for kids ages 5 and up.)
See a complete list of books in the series, as well as activities and games,  at the Official Magic Tree House Site.


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